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Social Security Planning

What’s the greatest fear of today’s retirees? It is having enough money to maintain one’s lifestyle throughout retirement. What’s the greatest benefit Social Security can offer? Regular income that is guaranteed to increase over time—and continue for as long as you live. No other vehicle can match the combination of inflation-fighting increases, longevity protection, investment risk elimination, and spousal coverage that Social Security can—potentially making it one of the most valuable sources of retirement income. On average, Social Security accounts for about 40% of income in retirement.

However, many retirees today do not understand how their Social Security benefits really work. Sadder still, most never focus on how to help maximize the very benefits that may help sustain them throughout retirement.

Other financial services firms have placed little emphasis to date on helping retirees learn how they can best use Social Security to help generate optimal retirement income and risk protection. If guidance is provided at all, it may not provide complete information.

Maximizing Social Security benefits has become much more critical—now that post-retirement risk has largely shifted from the employer to the individual. This results from the move away from traditional defined benefit (DB) pensions to defined contribution (DC) plans such as 401(k)s.

We help you to understand why Social Security deserves to be considered as a valuable resource worthy of careful stewardship by individuals—and how today’s retirees can best maximize its benefits while helping minimize the taxes on their retirement income in general.